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Electronic crane scale is a high-precision scale which, suspended on the hoisting equipment, accomplishing to hoist, to weigh and to gather weighing data at once. The easy-to-use, space-saving and economical scale has found wide applications in industries such as metallurgy, construction as well as in the warehouses and piers.
The crane scale manufactured by our company display LED, used in indoor and outdoor.
Company's products over the years to absorb the advanced weighing instrument manufacturing experience, use  fire-new integrated design philosophy, combined with modern electronic integration technology, remote sensing of the power of science and technology make our products look small, make the product convenience, quality and more reliable and more stable performance, it is an ideal choice for enterprise measurement.

Function Features
Good dynamic weighing, the weighing result will not be influenced even when the scale is in dynamic status;
 24-bit high precision AD, 1,000,000 internal resolution leading to high precision and high stability;
 Low requirement in work temperature, adaptive in the everywhere of the world;
 Automatic “close-off” while low voltage;
 Displayed battery voltage;
 Good electromagnetic compatibility that allows the scale to work in bad working environment;
 Remote controller allowing as to set zero, to inquire or to turn it off in 20 meters;
 Optional wireless data transmission module or wireless large scale screen display, capable of receiving weighing result 100 meters away;
 Use the new arithmetic of the DFL dynamic filter, against sway, stable quickly;
 Einmal weighing data check function;
 Remote control turn on function optional;
 Lock the weight function;
 A especial function of intelligent charge protect.

Major technical indexes
 Precision: comply with OIML ;
 Continual working hours per recharging: ~60 hours.
 Rated temperature: -10℃—40℃
Operating temp: -30℃—85℃(LED);
 PS: Please inform us if the scale is used to hoist red-hot objects like liquid steel; can be customized according to customer requirements high-temperature scale.The accuracy will be worse if the temperature over the rated temperature.
 Ambient humidity: ≤90%R.H
 Dimension of display:
 LED Display: 5 digit 30mm (1.2”) LED indicator;

Specifications and fundamental Parameters
 Model   Capacity   Division
 OCS-XZ-MINI-01   100kg   50g
 OCS-XZ-MINI-02   200kg   50g
 OCS-XZ-MINI-03   300kg   100g
 OCS-XZ-MINI-05   500kg   100g
 OCS-XZ-MINI-10   1000kg   200g

Note: The division value of display can be set. The value listed in the above table is normal value.

Appearance and keys
1.Fundamental configuration
(1) scale body; (2) charger.(3) remote controller
2.Optional configuration
(1) wireless large Display;
(2) high-temperature casing.

Operational instructions
1.Boot-strap and self-test  
At first, ensure there’s no goods on the scale, then press ON/OFF 2 second and loosen, turn on; it will show software version of the scale,                             
and display the biggest weighing weight, then battery voltage, and display ‘99999’ to ‘00000’ by reversive after 1 second, and then display ‘0’, enter into weighing statue.
work:In the self-test finished, automatically enter zero weighing state, when the hanging objects weighing, when the data is stable, buzzer sound 0.5-second tips, and stability can be reading after lights

2. Zero Setting
While the weight steady after the goods hanged on, press [on/off zero] key or the key [→0←] on the remote controller, it is display ‘0’. In this setting statue, press [on/off zero] key or the key [→0←] on the remote controller, return to gross weight statue, it is display the gross weight.

3.View the past weights
Press [recall] or the key [∴] on the remote controller, the scale will display the last weighing weight, push again, it will display the last but one, then the next, and so on, it could display totally 10 weight. If stop 5 seconds, it will return to weighing statue automatically.

4.Weight keeping (lock)
Weight lock:In the weighing stability, press [H] key to lock the weight display, and then pressed for the lifting, or automatically after 30 seconds to lift.

5.power off
press [on off] key or on the controller key both [→0←] and [H], about 3 seconds, display off and turn off.

6.Indicate light
Steady light: weight data steady statue indication; this light will light up while the weighing is steady.

Charge light: charge indication, light up while charging. Undervoltage light: undervoltage indication; while the battery lower than 5.6 V, the undervoltage light will light up, it is indicate that to charge, the scale will turn off when in heavy undervoltage.
7、 Remote controller keys description
【→0←】: zero setting function
【 H 】: weight lock
【∴】: view weight
【* 】: reserved key

Overload Display
It will display: OVER while the weight is 10% larger than the biggest capacity.

1. The battery can be charged up either on or off the crane scale. When the voltage is less than 5.6V, the batteries should be recharged. Over discharging the battery will shorten its life. When “low battery” lights
up, the battery should be charged immediately.
Plug the socket of the charger at the back of the scale in a power supply of either 220V or 110V for about 8 hours.

2.2、 Charger’s indicate light specification:
When the charger’s indicate red light is light up, it is means in charging; while the green light is light up, it means the battery is full.

The crane scale is an high-accuracy instrument that needs special caring in the following respects:
1.Although our crane scale is strong in vibration- and water-proof, it should be protected from violent vibration and drench
of rain. Special attention should be paid that the weight not falls from the hook.
2.If the scale is to work in high-temperature environment, it is advisable that a request to be made for high-temperature crane scales. Besides, do not let the scale keep working in high temperature areas too long.
3.Over loading will cause ruins to the load cell.
4.The storage battery will discharge automatically and over discharging will ruin the battery; therefore, it should be recharged regularly, generally speaking, once(don’t more than twice) every 1 months, even when the scale is not used for some time.

5.Usually, check the scale parts, avoid screw and dowel pin are loosen, etc, keep the scale good.

The crane scale which has been calibrated with scale is ready to use. If the scale needs to be re-calibrated,
please contact us or the authorized agents of ours. Please do not adjust the scale by your own.

Briefly bug and solve
 appearance   reason  How to solve 
 Turn on error   Battery voltage lower than 5.0V or battery is broken   Charge immediately
 Can’t charging   Charger broken or battery broken   Change charger or battery
 Do not display 0 while no weighing      Preheat 3-5 minutes while turn on

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